Tactile Gift Guide: Toys and Games for Touch Sensitivity

Tactile Gift Guide: Toys and Games for Tactile Sensitivity

If your kiddo has tactile defensiveness or sensitivity, you know that every day activities can be a struggle. Getting dressed, washing hands, eating finger foods, and playing in the dirt can seem like the ultimate challenge.

As we overviewed in my post about everything related to tactile defensiveness, kiddos struggling with this issue need help with sensory integration. Basically, when their bodies receive sensory input, they over react and go into fight or flight mode. 

The Good News About Tactile Sensitivity?

Tactile sensitivity is something that can totally be worked on! The more exposure that kids get to different types of tactile experiences, the more they will get used to it and their sensory integration will improve. 

The motto, which you’ve heard before: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE

Give your kiddo a reason to use their hands and get comfortable getting messy and you’ll see lots of benefits.

Let’s dive into the best tactile toys for sensory input!

Sand, Slime, and Clay

Water Tables and Toys



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