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StartWrite Handwriting Software Review

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Handwriting can be one of the trickiest things we teach our kids as they go through school. As I mentioned in my post on the best handwriting apps for kids, technology has come a long way in helping kids learn to form letters and words.

That said, sometimes you need some old-fashioned paper and pencils to instill proper pencil grips, pencil force, and real-world writing. While apps are great, they aren’t the whole story and we need more tools in our sensory toolbox.

In my post about the best handwriting apps, I lay out some of the best options out there for helping kids improve their handwriting skills. But, what if you want real software that lets you print custom worksheets? Enter StartWrite.

StartWrite Handwriting software lets you design your own handwriting worksheets. This ensures that your child’s handwriting practice is as effective as possible, with customized words, sentences, and styles.

Let’s dive in!


The beauty of the StartWrite Handwriting software is its amazing customization abilities.

Customize Words, Letters, and Numbers

Easily type out anything you want your child to practice, whether it be words, letters, or numbers.

As you type out your desired practice sheets, you can customize how big you want the letters and numbers to be. Start with large characters and, as your child progresses, reduce them to a normal size. The ability to adjust the sizes makes it possible for you to accommodate your child’s exact needs.

You can also customize the level of help your child receives while tracing. Kids are guided to through their tracing with dots. For example, if we’re working on an “a” shape, this letter “a” will be shown through dots, which will guide the child as they trace it. I can choose to have the “a” be completely solid. Or, I can space the dots out really far, allowing the child more freedom to test their “a” forming skills.

In addition to dots, I can make solid lines grey, incorporate direction arrows to tell the child how to move their pencil, solely place a starting dot to set the child off on the right path, only place dots wherever a line starts or stops, and color code each line to differentiate them.

Make The Fun!

StartWrite handwriting software lets you add in any pictures you may want. Not only does this make worksheets more fun, it gives your child visual aids.

Insert pictures of the words your child is writing, of family and friends, or of your child’s favorite cartoons.

This customization feature really helps make old-fashioned paper and pencil handwriting worksheets more fun. StartWrite has their own collection of clipart for you to use, or you can insert your own!

If you’re looking for a fun way to make paper and pen handwriting exercises more fun, StartWrite Handwriting software is a great choice. While it isn’t free, it can make a huge difference in the skills your child develops in their crucial handwriting skill development years.

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