7 Slimy Slime Recipes to Make at Home and Tips to Make Slime Slimier

Slime is a trendy craft and sensory tool right now. For kids with tactile defensiveness or general aversions to textures and getting messy, slime can be a fun way to develop a tolerance to new tactile experiences.

To learn more, check out my article about tactile defensiveness and why slime is a great tool for handling it.

make slime slimier

How to Introduce Slime to Your Child

It’s important to take your child’s lead when introducing them to slime. Especially for children with strong aversions to tactile experiences, allow them to interact with the slime at their own pace. For some, this may mean simply looking at it the first couple of times and even touching it for a while. Despite the patience needed, it’s easier to move slowly towards a new tactile experience than moving too quickly and needing to do damage control following a negative experience. Appreciate every step forward and try not to push it.

How Do I Make Slime?

When it comes to homemade slime recipes, the sky’s the limit. There are slime recipes for every holiday, season, theme, and interest. There are even recipes for edible slime for the sweet tooths and culinary inclined.

Given the wealth of slime recipes out in cyberspace, I’ve compiled my favorites to give you my ultimate list of my favorite slime recipes. Give some of them a try and let us know how they go!

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Basic Slime

This is your standard, no frills slime. Don’t worry, if you’re not a fan of glue or borax, there are a number of recipes here that don’t use them.

Edible Marshmallow Slime

Want slime you can eat? Check out this marshmallow birthday cake slime.

Slime Sam in a Bottle

Obviously, slime isn’t jsut a toy, it’s a friend. Meet Slime Sam!

No Glue Slime

While most of these recipes are sans glue, here’s a collection of glue free slime recipes that will still leave your slime slimy.

Rainbow Slime

Because life is more fun in technicolor!

Glitter Slime

Naturally, anything with glitter is the best. And will get all over your house.

Clear Slime

Add a new sheen to your slime with clear slime. 

How to Make Slime Slimier

Slime is more of a science experiment than perfect recipe. This makes slime fun, but also frustrating. You were hoping for some slimy slime but, instead, you’re slime is over activated and you get a hard lump.

So, how do you make slime slimier? Here are a few tips to loosen your slime. 

  1. Squirt in some lotion. The lotion will help soften your slime and bring back the stretch. This won’t make it slimier necessarily, but it will help bring your slime back to life.
  2. Add water. Sounds a bit slimier doesn’t it? Try adding some water to your slime to see if it increases the slime factor.
  3. Try again! Half the fun of slime is making it. If it doesn’t work out, try again using a different recipe or ration of ingredients. 

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