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-CALMING COMPRESSION AND PROPRIOCEPTION: For children who struggle with sleep troubles due to sensory challenges, anxiety, autism, ADHD, and more, The Sleep Sleeve offers calming compression throughout the entire night to promote restful sleep.

-BREATHABLE MATERIAL: This weighted blanket alternative lets your child get the benefits of compression without the added warmth or restrictive weight of a weighted blanket

-ADJUSTABLE AND CUSTOMIZABLE COMPRESSION: Customize compression levels to your child’s desires with easy to adjust elastic straps

-GROWS AS YOUR CHILD GROWS: Adjustable straps allow for increases or decreases in compression as your child grows. Children outgrow weighted blankets, as they come in fixed sizes. The Sleep Sleeve can be used for your child’s entire childhood due to its adjustable nature.

-EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND MACHINE WASHABLE: Straps wrap underneath the mattress.


You would do anything for your child. But, sometimes you feel powerless to the mystery of sleepless nights; of exhausted days; of meltdowns and sensory overload. Do you wish your child could get even just one night of good sleep?

As an Occupational Therapist, I knew that it was time to develop a product to help superhero moms and dads like you make bedtime easier. Looking to the great scientists, such as Temple Grandin, I compiled all of the research surrounding deep touch pressure, compression, and the workings of the nervous system to develop The Sleep Sleeve.

Deep touch pressure and compression have been scientifically proven to have a calming effect on those with sensory challenges, anxiety, autism, ADHD, and more. Think of tight hugs, compression clothing, or laying under couch cushions. Temple Grandin is at the forefront of this research, using the principles herself to address her anxiety and sensory sensitivities.

So, why not just use a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are flawed in that they are hot, constrictive, and come in fixed sizes that don’t accommodate a growing child with changing needs. Every time your child grows, you need to buy a new weighted blanket. Being upwards of hundreds of dollars, this is a lot of money going down the drain.

More importantly, weighted blankets are constrictive and pose safety hazards as a result. Due to the dangers of children becoming overheated and trapped within weighted blankets, they are not good options for nighttime use.

The Sleep Sleeve is a weighted blanket alternative that offers customizable, calming compression to help children achieve restful sleep. The Sleep Sleeve grows as your child grows, giving you control to increase or decrease compression as needed and relieving you from wasting money on continual weighted blanket purchases. As long as you continue to use a Twin size bed, one purchase of The Sleep Sleeve can last your child’s entire growth and development.

More importantly, The Sleep Sleeve is made of a breathable material that is safer to use at night than weighted blankets. When used without additional blankets, The Sleep Sleeve allows for better airflow than a weighted blanket and gives the child full autonomy to get in and out of bed. 

This bed sleeve’s breathable material is made out of nylon and Spandex, making it stretchy and responsive to touch. When your child pushes on The Sleep Sleeve, The Sleep Sleeve pushes back, giving your child proprioceptive input. Engaging the proprioceptive system has been shown to be calming to the nervous system, as well as something that is often desired by sensory seekers. The Sleep Sleeve’s combination of compression and proprioceptive input allows it to provide calming sensations that no other product on the market can.

The Sleep Sleeve is machine washable and easy to put on your child’s bed. To maintain the quality of the material, air drying The Sleep Sleeve is preferable.

As with any other sensory tool, please consult with your child’s Occupational Therapist when determining The Sleep Sleeve’s strap length and the amount of compression that would be appropriate for your child. Please be aware that individual outcomes will vary. You know your child best and are most qualified to decide whether your child will benefit from The Sleep Sleeve or any bed sleeve products.