How to Make Slime Slimier: 3 Tips to Liven Up Your Slime Again

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Slime is more of a science experiment than a perfect recipe. Sometimes you need extra glue; sometimes you throw in too many fun add-ins; sometimes the stars just aren’t aligned.

There are so many ways for slime to go wrong, which can make slime fun, but also frustrating.

So, why are there times when slime lacks its sliminess?

Your Slime is Over Activated

If you knead your slime too much when you’re making it, there’s a high chance it will become rubbery and rock-hard.

This can be a hard balance to find, as even 30 seconds of extra kneading can leave you with less than ideal slime.

Your Slime is Old

You may be asking, “Well, isn’t the point of slime to knead it and squish it? How can I keep some great slime if kneading it makes it hard and rubbery?”

Great question! Yes, you’ll likely end up over activating your slime at some point just be virtue of using it. So, your old slime is likely over activated, which means we’ll need to dive into the steps below!

Let’s Make Your Slime Slimier!

Here are a few tips to loosen your slime and make your slime slimier again.

  1. Squirt in some lotion. The lotion will help soften your slime and bring back the stretch. This won’t make it slimier necessarily, but it will help bring your slime back to life.
  2. Add water. Sounds a bit slimier doesn’t it? Try adding some water to your slime to see if it increases the slime factor.
  3. Try again! Half the fun of slime is making it. If it doesn’t work out, try again using a different recipe or ration of ingredients.

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