Oh, it's a sensory life!

Welcome to The Sensory Toolbox Community! I’m Diana Fitts, a registered Occupational Therapist. After my Master’s in OT at San Jose State University, I discovered my passion for pediatric sensory issues.

You see, I became an Occupational Therapist because I love taking on the challenge of solving life’s most basic problems. No, I’m not interested in the complexities of getting to Mars, building a robot, or exploring the depths of the ocean. Instead, I’m interested in the small solutions that make a huge difference in improving our current quality of life. Eating, sleeping, playing, working, relaxing, communicating with each other; that’s what makes me excited. 

The Sensory Toolbox community is here because, for our sensory kiddos, it’s these basic life challenges that make the difference between thriving and surviving. Sometimes it isn’t rocket science that will ease our child’s sleeping issues, but a certain type of pillow or a specific genre of music.

The idea behind the name of The Sensory Toolbox is that there isn’t solely one answer to sensory issues. Sensory solutions are vast and varied. In addition, what works for one child, may not work for the next, and what works for one child in one context may not work for that same child in a different context. In essence, we each need to build a “toolbox” filled with a mixture of strategies and techniques we can turn to in different circumstances.

To get in touch with me, please email dcfmediallc@gmail.com