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43 Best Sensory and Learning Gifts for Kids with Autism and SPD

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Science and Building Toys

When we’re talking about learning toys, can it get any better than science?! These toys are not only really fun, they also get your child excited about science. All of these toys also have a sensory component so that you’re getting a double whamy of learning and sensory fun.

Outdoor Activities

In an age of video games, TV shows, and computer programs (not knocking them, I love them too), sometimes it’s nice to have motivation to go outside. The great outdoors is a great place to learn. Not only is the fresh air a great thing for little learning brains, it offers lots of opportunities to have new experiences. To add to that, going outside provides a carnival of sensory fun. We’re talking about dirt, leaves, wind, rain, rocks, worms, dragons, heffalumps (ok, maybe not those). All you need to do is go outside in order to get your kid learning and exploring. When looking for sensory gifts, these outdoor activities are a sure bet.

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Toddler Toys

Of course, learning begins from that first shocking moment that a screaming baby comes into the world. Start those first formative years off right with sensory and learning toys that will give your kid a strong foundation as they grow and develop.

Sensory Toys

While all of the toys in this list have sensory components, these toys are hard core sensory focused. We have your classic kinetic sand, some fun balance tools, and a number of great options for acclimating a child to the sounds and textures around them,

Sensory Swings

Not only will it be impossible to get your kid out of their sensory swing, they’ll also get some great therapeutic benefit from it as well. Whether you’re looking for gifts for kids with autism, or your favorite sensory seeker, swings are a great choice. These are some of the best sensory swings I’ve found.

Learning Crafts

Let’s get creative! Have you child show off their crafting skills with these fun learning crafts that will teach them new skills. Your child may not end up as a designer on Project Runway, but they’ll develop their fine motor skills and have fun while doing it.

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